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The concept of the bridge was initially envisioned to represent Holistic Pain Management as a bridge between Eastern medicine such as acupuncture along with Western medicine to include injections, medications, therapies etc.

More recently since the opiate epidemic has exploded,  patients have also heard use of the bridge as a metaphor. Specifically, traveling along a path filled with opiate addiction, and changing to a new life without drugs.  Often times you'll have to travel over some deep water on the bridge. And you may not yet know how to swim.  The water is often times filled with temptation and at times risk of death to get to the other side, free of opiate use. 

And now, the BRIDGE, a new technology,  but based on Chinese medicine principles is yet another use of the bridge.  BRIDGE allows an opiate/heroin addict to get through the withdrawals and acts as a bridge until other treatment can be started. It's can be especially beneficial for those patients suffering the pain and symptoms of opiate withdrawals and is yet another option, perhaps instead of an in-patient detox.